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The Grace Project

The Healing of the In-Valid

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I hope you enjoy this talk entitled, "The Healing of the In-Valid".   The story concerns Jesus’ second healing as recorded by the Apostle John to whom miracles are signs.  The flashing neon sign flickering before us in the story declares the Good News of the Gospel, viz. what repels men compels God and what the world rejects the Lord accepts. 
When Jesus encounters this man, the soon-to-be-beneficiary of the grace of God, he has been in the grip of his despair for fully thirty-eight years.  It’s important that we see the man in the story in the same way he sees himself and the way others sees him.  His compatriots and he have been dumped on the scrapheap.  They’re not simply invalids, i.e. suffering from physical disabilities; that’s only half of the problem.  The real source of their despair is that they’re in-valid, i.e. not valid.  
But now, the Good Shepherd has come to the Sheep Gate.  In addition to His having come for all His sheep, His heart stretches out further towards the speckled ones cringing in the fringe, to give them a signal that’s as valid today as it was to these in-valids who lay in the hopeless stench of despair.  Jesus always says, “Come to Me, all who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest.” [Matt. 11:28 NASB]