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The Grace Project

"He restores my soul"

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He restores my soul.  This simple little statement contains such enormous truth. The ancients believed that the soul was the immortal essence of a person, the part of us capable of union with the divine. Moderns speak of it as a peson's moral or emotional nature, their identity.  


Many of us have found our way to the Shepherd, or rather were found by the Shepherd when we were broken and exhausted and unable to perform any longer. Our best efforts to make life work had failed.  

But here the Lord says, to those he has led to the quiet waters who feel that the only thing to do is to consign themselves to the rubbish tip: "Don't fret I've I've restored your soul, in other words, I've reset the 'factory' settings. 

Rest a while and soon you'll see that the virus was on the hard disk of your soul has been gotten rid of; that you've been cleaned you from head to toe; that you're old God-conscious-self back and that you can run and not grow weary, walk and not faint... 

The damage caused to your soul has been repaired, your ability to commune with the divine is as it was in the beginning... Before there was a virus called "sin"; before there was a man called Adam - in fact before there was even a garden! 


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