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The Grace Project

Awe & Grace

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Psalm 40:2 "He put a new song in my mouth, a song of praise to our God."  I love the fact that it's a new song not a new doctrine that the Lord has put in our heart.  

Let’s never forget that the reason we were set free from the religious oppressors of Egypt was to allow us to worship not to argue about doctrine. 

For me at least the time has come to leave behind the interesting but frankly elementary, and after a while non-profitable, conversations about Law and Grace and to enter into the sheer wonder of the awe of grace.  
It saddens me that when I was a legalist or to flatter myself, when I was part of a legalist church, I experienced times of such awe in the presence of God that there were times that I thought surely we would be consumed by the glory.
I kid you not in those heady days back in the Bible school I used to run in the late 90's the presence of God was literally exquisitely unbearable at times.  Worship sessions that would begin at 8.30 am would last through till 3-4pm. Nobody could leave not least of all because nobody could stand.  In those days even under the hand of our make-make-bricks-without-straw religious masters He put a new song in our mouths.  Now we are free and now that we have greater light should not there be a song in our heart, a song of praise to our God?
Under the Old Covenant, law, fear, guilt and condemnation provided a warped emotional background music being piped into our sub-conscious and informing every decision we made.  Under the New Covenant, grace, peace, blamelessness and acceptance cause a different sound to arise in our souls – a song of praise to our God.