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The Grace Project

Who iAm in Christ

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As a Blackberry user I readily admit to moments of iPhone envy.  Alright there, I've said it.  But what can you do when you're under the Law of a T-Mobile contract who don't have an agreement with Apple.  
I often describe myself as being a 'Digital Immigrant'.  In contrast our children are Digital Natives.    But as I'm  discovering even with my more workman-like Blackberry it is far more than just a phone.   I read online somewhere that there are more than 50,000 Apps for the iPhone with more being made available everyday. 
So here's the spiritual App bit just in case you were wondering where this was going (or not going) 
I got to think to myself how an iPhone was like being in Christ -- What?  Yes it's just like being in Christ -- the truth is to most Christians -- of the identity immigrant variety think that Christianity is just a pay-as-you-go ticket to heaven.  
But I gotta tell you apart from being a free-no-limit-non-contractual-obligation service its also far more a bus pass to paradise.  
But here's the thing how do you find out what else it can do?  
I don't know about you, but I find it hard to read manuals … 
But here's what happened to me.   
I had a Blackberry maybe a year before my son got one.  But a few months ago when we were having lunch Paul pulled his Blackberry to get a live departure update -- When I asked him how he did that he nonchalantly said "Oh, haven't you heard of TubeBuddy". Then he wanted to check something else so got out his Blackberry agin and said he'd find out from "Shazam".  Surprised by my surprise he said "Dad, don't you know about Blackberry Apps?"  It was rhetorical question --  a half-hour tutorial ensued where Paul Junior inducted me into the hitherto unknown world of the Blackberry App Or App-World as they call it.  

In an instant my monochrome life of telecommunications was transformed into the HD plasma technicolor world of the App.  All those applications where there all the time for Free, all I had to do was download them.  All at my disposal but yet here I was using my Blackberry merely as  a phone!    Not only have I become a Blackberry App Evangelist but each day I am discovering more about who iAM in Apps and whatever the situation you find yourself in rest assured -- There's an App for that. Suddenly I realise why those in the know call them Crack-berrys …