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The Grace Project

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Paul was pleased to receive Rupert Evershed’s contribution to this section. Rupert a former student of the Grace Project now has his own work in St Albans Hertfordshire called The Grace Forum offers ...
The article “Get a Life” appears in this section and was a key article in the writing of the latest book Until Christ is Formed due out early 2007.  ...
63. Prayer
This section contains an article that Paul wrote for the Christian magazine Backstage.  It is envisaged that in the coming months there will be an increasing number of articles written in this section. ...
64. The Christian Life
In Paul’s words the only thing worse than teaching a doctrine of irresponsibility is teaching a doctrine of responsibility. Paul is of a view that the real majesty of the gospel is that it empowers ...
... us to be drawn into the mystery of Christ. It is our hope that the uninitiated listener might believe and that the initiated would go on in their believing. Join Paul Anderson-Walsh and the core team at ...