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41. The Chosen --Phew!
(Home - (section)/Blogs)
...  Now I know that making such assertions makes Christians very nervous (and some of them mad) but think about it --   Most of us who’ve been in this thing for any length of time will have ...
42. Striving For The Rest
(Grace Articles - (resources)/The Christian Life)
One of the most important questions that we will ever have to answer in our own hearts is this: why do Christians find it so difficult to rest?     The short answer to that question is; ...
43. A Rumbling Within
(Home - (section)/Blogs)
... senses and regained her God-consciousness.   Now I get that many Christians will balk at the idea that Christ could be in all men.  I get it I really do.  But what I’d like to ...
44. God's Not Deaf
(Grace Articles - (resources)/Prayer)
... is not "Why do the righteous suffer? - But rather, "Why do the righteous serve God? - Because he blesses them or because He's God. God is neither deaf, or indifferent , however, some Christians ...
45. The Absurdity of Faith
(Home - (section)/Blogs)
... man that all the monotheistic [monotheism is the belief that this is only one true God] faiths, Judaism, Islam and Christianity all claim him as their spiritual father.   The bible’s account ...
46. The Fallow-ship of the Believers
(Home - (section)/Blogs)
... It was a dispensing once for all of transactional salvation and a burning of my Christian to-do-lists. I had swapped my wrong-believing for ‘right-believing’ and Luther like there I stood ...  ...
47. Silencing Satan
(Grace Articles - (resources)/Prayer)
I hope you can see that this is a part of Christian theology which cannot be abandoned.  Jesus lives the sinless life and thus, becomes Head of a new sinless race.  The size of Jesus’ task ...
48. Last Adam - Adam at Last!
(Home - (section)/Blogs)
... this reason that the doctrine of the virgin birth is so fundamental to the Christian story [Luke 1:31-35].  Jesus, the Last Adam, has to be like us in every regard and yet, be without sin.  He ...
49. Becoming An Him-Potent Person (Easter Meditation)
(Grace Articles - (resources)/Understanding the Believer’s Union with Christ )
... way of expressing the three phases of the Christian life.  Notice that the entry level of the relationship is the friendship level.  Our relationship with the Lord is never task-orientated.  The ...
50. The Peter Principle
(Home - (section)/Blogs)
... and waiting with which to burst Peter’s self-congratulatory balloon.  Now, Peter is a useful character through whom we may view the phases of the Christian life and through whom we can wince ...
51. Source Ministries International
(Web Links / Grace Resources )
Source Ministries International is a global Christian discipleship and leadership training ministry based on 2 Corinthians 5:18. all things are of god, who hath reconciled us to himself by Jesus Christ, ...
52. Grace Walk Ministries
(Web Links / Grace Resources )
Grace Walk is a teaching and training ministry which exists for the purpose of sharing the life of Jesus Christ with others. Our mission is to help Christians discover the freedom of their new life in ...
53. The Christian Life
55. Prayer
This section contains an article that Paul wrote for the Christian magazine Backstage.  It is envisaged that in the coming months there will be an increasing number of articles written in this section. ...
56. The Christian Life
In Paul’s words the only thing worse than teaching a doctrine of irresponsibility is teaching a doctrine of responsibility. Paul is of a view that the real majesty of the gospel is that it empowers ...