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1. Turn Up The Love
(Home - (section)/Blogs)
For those of you who have been with us for some time you will know that as a ministry, we have a twofold focus: GRACE and LOVE.  We believe that the way of love leads inexorably to a way of life ...
2. Turning up the love
(Home - (section)/News & Updates)
  For those of you who have been with us for some time you will know that as a ministry, we have a twofold focus: GRACE and LOVE.  We believe that the way of love leads inexorably to a way ...
3. LEADING WOMEN (A Woman’s Touch)
(Home - (section)/Blogs)
... miraculous; the wayward woman who finds her way and opens our eyes to grace; the woman who was wasting a way who snatches life from the jaws of death and finally the woman who was overwhelmed by demons ...
4. IGC's You Tube Channel
(Home - (section)/Blogs)
  As many of you will already know, Paul and Hayley, the founders of The Grace Project, are leading the work at IGC (The Inclusive Grace-Filled Community) and so we are delighted to announce the ...
5. Safe and Sound
(Home - (section)/Blogs)
... three to anyone who wants to grow in Christ. By Tanra on 15 Feb. 2011 Amazon Book Review If you would like to purchase a copy of either Safe and Sound or Paul's latest book Grace for Grown-Ups ...
6. Conversations in Grace
(Home - (section)/Blogs)
LATEST PODCAST.  As we continue to develop our expression of being together as a spiritual community we have introduced a monthly Q&A session called "Conversations  In Grace. " ...
7. Hyper Grace or Hyper-ventilating...?
(Home - (section)/Blogs)
I recently read what I can only describe as an intriguingly perverse article warning readers about the apparent dangers of what the author called "hyper grace."  There's a great deal ...
8. Grace for Grown Ups - Storyboard
(Home - (section)/Blogs)
What is Grace for Grown Ups all about?  I’m sure we've all said it, we see friends who we haven't seen for a while and when we meet their children our first reaction is to say something ...
9. Safe and Sound Podcasts
(Home - (section)/Blogs)
Isn't it time you discovered who you really are...?  Join us as Paul Anderson-Walsh teaches through his foundational book Safe and Sound.  This is grace teaching as it was always intended. ...
10. New Book: Grace for Grown Ups
(Home - (section)/Blogs)
  New Title: Grace for Grown Ups:   Order your signed author copy now  or visit the book store Dr. Steve McVey's foreword: Paul Anderson-Walsh has done it again. As with his previous ...
Pleased to announce the launch of our sister ministry IGC's, The Inclusive Grace-filled Community, new website.   When we planted our first church in September 2000, the Lord gave us a simple ...
12. Embracing Grace: Christmas Podcast
(Audio Messages - (resources)/The Christian Life)  
13. Ready for More
(Home - (section)/News & Updates)
  If you'd like more information please contact  ...
14. Latest audio
(Home - (section)/Blogs)
 Issaac & Rebekah - Latest teaching from the Grace in the Shadows series.  Listen Now  ...
15. Premier Radio Big Breakfast Broadcast
(Home - (section)/Blogs)
Premier Radio Big Breakfast: Bible buster and Director of The Grace Project, PAUL ANDERSON WALSH, stopped by to help us think about our character. What do you think he said was the key trait ...
In the summer of 2012 Paul & Hayley took over the leadership of  IGC (International Gospel Church) In North West London with a vision to transform it into IGC (Inclusive Grace-filled Community). ...
  The strap line of the Grace Project – “Discover who you really are” articulates the heart and purpose of the initiative.   The Grace Project has been Paul Anderson-Walsh's ...
... of The Grace Project.  Visit Paul's personal website        Paul is a director of Simply L&D and a partner in the boutuique practice AWSS LLP.    Having ...
19. Religion is out of order...!
(Grace Articles - (resources)/Law and Grace)
... the Cross (or Pentecost if you prefer) the abrogation (abolishing) of the Law on the Cross.   This is of huge significance because Jesus lived (by grace) under the Law in order to fulfill the ...
20. Turku - Finland 9th-11th August
(Home - (section)/News & Updates)
Looking forward to our annual trip to Turku to be with the beloved Grace Project Finland family.  This year's theme is Remaining in His prescence.    Teaching by Paul Anderson-Walsh ...
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