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41. Inerrancy...?
(Grace Articles - (resources)/Understanding Salvation)
... thought – The Lord doesn’t restrain His mercy (well let’s go decimal- grace) not because David didn’t restrain his voice but because to do so would to violate His very nature.  ...
42. Acts of Grace Part 18
(Audio Messages - (resources)/The Ministry of Jesus)
  Acts of Grace Part 18: The Community of The Good News.  Looking back to a time before the Community became a Corporation.   ...
43. We have more than a heart for God - We have the heart of God!
(Grace Articles - (resources)/Law and Grace)
... not do now we are under grace.  So many people accuse us of teaching freedom to sin, but of course we do no such thing, in fact we proclaim freedom from sin.  Under the law the best I ...
44. Acts of Grace Video Series Part 17
(Audio Messages - (resources)/The Ministry of Jesus)
Acts of Grace pt 17  The Emboldened Life -  Forbidden by the religious rulers from speaking publicly about Jesus, far from being intimidated the apostles are emboldened and tell them "we ...
45. Acts of Grace Part 16
(Audio Messages - (resources)/The Ministry of Jesus)
Find out what happened the day that the powerful religious rulers met the power-filled apostles.   Continuing our reflection on Acts 4 where Peter and John are on trial before the religious ...
46. Awe & Grace
(Grace Articles - (resources)/Law and Grace)
... interesting but frankly elementary, and after a while non-profitable, conversations about Law and Grace and to enter into the sheer wonder of the awe of grace.     It saddens me that when ...
47. Acts of Grace Part 15. "No other name"
(Audio Messages - (resources)/The Ministry of Jesus)
Acts of Grace Part 15.  "No other name"   Emboldened by the Spirit the Apostles complete their transition from fear to faith.     Once fearful now fearless, the apostles ...
48. Midweek Grace - New Grace Project Meeting
(About Us - (section)/About Us)
New for autumn…  beginning 5th September 2012 we will be holding a new meeting called “Midweek Grace”.  Gathering in London's West End we will have a time to wait, to worship ...
49. Acts of Grace Part 14
(Audio Messages - (resources)/The Ministry of Jesus)
Raising our expectations:  How far can you go before your religion prevents you from going any deeper into the mystery of grace?   In our story we meet a man who looked to the church as ...
50. You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies
(Grace Articles - (resources)/Law and Grace)
  You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies.  We are discovering from the twenty-third psalm that the Christian life is all of God and all of grace. This love ...
51. Grace Walk Ministries
(Web Links / Grace Resources )
Grace Walk is a teaching and training ministry which exists for the purpose of sharing the life of Jesus Christ with others. Our mission is to help Christians discover the freedom of their new life in ...
52. The Grace Project
(Contact / Contacts)
The Grace Project , Paul Anderson-Walsh, Miscellanous info ...
The Grace Project Brazil is a thriving work. It is one of our great joys that the Lord has led us to minister freedom in South America. In this section you will find talks/Sermons translated into Brazilian ...
54. The Christian Life
Live from the Latin Quarter records a selection of the talks and conversations from Paul Anderson-Walsh’s February 2008 visit to Brazil. The grace movement in this part of South America is largely ...
56. Law and Grace
Journeying through the Pastoral Epistles is the latest teaching series being taught at Grace West. We will post a section of talks from the three letters which are aimed at the more mature believer who ...
Grace @ home was an early initiative which was introduced to augment our then full-time teaching programme. Now discontinued and soon to be replaced by a new on-line school we have offered two talks from ...
God is love was recorded in 2006 during the Grace West ecclesia meetings. It is a delightfully simple yet deeply moving series in which Paul was supported in delivering this immensely popular series based ...