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The Grace Project

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61. G.I.A.N.T. Steps
G.I.A.N.T. Steps: Grace in A Nutshell Talks is a new series that seeks to answer in a nutshell some of the key questions that people are wrestling with as they make the transition from law to grace.  ...
62. Living Under Grace
Living Under Grace - Studies from the Book of Acts, is the new Grace East teaching series. Join Paul Anderson-Walsh and Dean Fearon as they draw out life-giving lessons from the birth of the Early Church ...
63. Law and Grace
Paul’s writings in this section are a little more academic than found elsewhere. He feels that there is a need to communicate to what he calls “The educated middle” Law & Grace contains ...
Paul was pleased to receive Rupert Evershed’s contribution to this section. Rupert a former student of the Grace Project now has his own work in St Albans Hertfordshire called The Grace Forum offers ...
65. The Christian Life
... righteous works and works righteousness. These articles set out to prove that Grace Works.  ...
“That You May Have Life” – An Introduction to the Gospel of John, is the core teaching series for Grace West for 2007. The Apostle John’s description of Jesus as “God in ...