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1. Making Christ Our Life Not Our Living
(Grace Articles - (resources)/The Christian Life)
... mustn't mistake gullibility for openness to God.   If we're tracking with the Lord or rather if the Lord's tracks  (tracks not tracts) are in us then we know that if we're not part of the solution ...
2. Cain & Babel - Voices from the Past
(Grace Articles - (resources)/The Christian Life)
Cain & Babel -Voices from the past is a reflection on the interaction that took place in Victorian England between Jessie Penn-Lewis and the founding father s of Pentecostalism. After a century of ...
3. The Law and Its Limitations: Agape Paradigm Chapter 3
(Grace Articles - (resources)/Law and Grace)
...   Fee, p. 421. NT Wright, p. 406. Grubb, God Unlimited (Pennsylvania: Christian Literature Crusade, 1989), p. 103. William Barclay, The Daily Study Bible: The Gospel of John, Volume 1, Chapters ...
... in progress. In addition you will find a fascinating research paper that Paul wrote as part of his Masters programme. It is a discussion about the life of Jesse Penn-Lewis and her interaction with Pentecostalism. ...