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41. False Self Syndrome
(Grace Articles - (resources)/Law and Grace)
... "because you bless him." In other words, he serves you because there is something in it for Job. Remove the blessing and Job will curse you and embrace the self-life. What follows is forty-two ...
42. The Tithing Controversy
(Home - (section)/Blogs)
... God. We can see from the New Covenant that the word sanctified means set apart . Thus, we are the set apart portion.   This idea seems to cohere with the Apostle Paul s teaching in 2 Corinthians ...
43. The Jesus That John Knew
(Grace Articles - (resources)/Understanding the Believer’s Union with Christ )
... taught me how to see.  Paul taught me what to believe.  John taught me how to see.  Together they are the word & the spirit. Apart we are deeply impoverished and unbalanced.   ...
44. The Bible: Rule Book or Love Letter?
(Home - (section)/Blogs)
... effectively says to us, “I love you because I need you.” What we are to discover is a love that says, “I need you because I love you.”   There are only two words in the ...
45. Ye Are Gods (The Pathway Pt 2)
(The Pathway - (resources)/The Pathway)
... them and no him an us, there is just Him in us and he is all and in all.   In the words of John in his most mystical of Gospel accounts:    John 1: 4  In him was life, and the life ...
46. The Ancient Path (The Pathway Part One)
(The Pathway - (resources)/The Pathway)
 In his Bible Concordance, Cruden offers a helpful definition of the word “path” defining it as: “a beaten way by which men can walk.”  The Bible has several important ...
47. Cain & Babel - Voices from the Past
(Grace Articles - (resources)/The Christian Life)
... beautiful lie is not the infallible test, for Satan's ministers can be ministers of righteousness. [2 Cor. xi.,13-15]." "The first scriptural word that the Writer quotes to prove that even ...
48. Do you want to get well? (Part One)
(Grace Articles - (resources)/Understanding the Believer’s Union with Christ )
... received lots of correspondence and words of encouragement from people who’ve been impacted by the use of my life stories to explain spiritual truths.  In a wonderfully redemptive way, I’ve ...
49. Spiritual Intelligence
(Home - (section)/Blogs)
... growth is the Bible. Not the Bible itself you understand but the way that you’ve been conditioned by it.   Many of us have made the mistake of confusing the Word of God with The Logos (the Word) ...
50. Christ As Us
(Web Links / Grace Resources )
Now in our generation there is a rising 'voice', another rushing wind of the Spirit, speaking one collective word, which is Paul's "mystery hid from ages and generations, which is Christ in you." ...
51. The Christian Life
In Paul’s words the only thing worse than teaching a doctrine of irresponsibility is teaching a doctrine of responsibility. Paul is of a view that the real majesty of the gospel is that it empowers ...