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The Grace Project

Washed Ashore in Lilliput

The more that I travel the world the more I have become convinced that the believers' relationship to their 'faith' is something akin to Gulliver’s experience when on his first voyage he was washed ashore after a shipwreck and awoke to find himself in a land called Lilliput, prisoner of a race of people one-twelfth of the size of normal human beings.    
We too set sail of a voyage of discovery, a spiritual journey into oneness with God.    However, mine is a story of an emotional-shipwreck who was washed up on the shores of a foreign  not say alien land called "Religion" and before I could come to a sense of Christ-in-me-consciousness I'd been taken captive by the inhabitants of the pulpiteers and the pwe-dwellers a small-minded race of people literally one twelfth of my size.  
Like Gulliver I was grateful to them for 'saving me" and readily promised to behave and conform to their Lilliputian code of conduct in order to be loosed from the ropes that bound me.  
But it was a paradoxical freedom. What I didn't realise was that the if one lives long enough in their land you too will find your thinking becoming small-minded.  

I’m not saying that the religion is bad per-se but what I am saying is that the moment that the King of Lilliput made a demand of Gulliver that he square with his conscience (in his case it was the conquering and subduing of Blefuscu) he was charged with treason and sentenced to be blinded.   Sound familiar? 

Home Washed Ashore in Lilliput

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