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The Grace Project

Welcome to The Grace Project

Podcast: No Greater Love...


Latest Podcast:  Paul Anderson-Walsh's Easter Sunday talk, No Greater Love.  You won't want to miss this one. 


Meet The Grace Project and discover who you really are...


The strap line of the Grace Project – “Discover who you really are” articulates the heart and purpose of the initiative.   The Grace Project has been Paul Anderson-Walsh's main vehicle for teaching the radical message of unconditional love since 2000. 


Meet the director - discover who he really is...

Paul Anderson-Walsh is an author, a broadcaster, inspirational speaker, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  practice, an executive life coach, mentor, church leader and he is founder and director of The Grace Project.  Visit Paul's personal website 

Love GROWS Conference Podcasts

Love Grows Podcasts.  I couldn't be more delighted than I was by the Love Grows conference.  My thanks to Darin Hufford, Dan and Dave Bilbrough. 


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Discover who you really are?

The strap-line of The Grace Project - "Discover who you Really are" - suggests, we take the view that many, if not, most believers not only have yet to discover this truth but worse, in the absence of this awareness, they (we) are left to live out of our "own" resources with the inevitable consequences of burnout and disillusionment.


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Made to be free - Filmed in Canada, this six-hour teaching seminar...
When the idea for this book was first conceived, it was born out of a simple desire to help reframe the “Good News”...
Are you "living by the rules, " or are you letting God's grace rule you?
We cannot ignore the fact that there are a growing number of peo‑ ple who used to profess a faith and call themselves Christians but no longer do so. 


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