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The Grace Project

Welcome to The Grace Project

Who Am I to be Brilliant?

I've spent many long hours resolving my own personal struggles and insecurities which have in the past so often manifested themselves in the form of fear of failure, but the truth is that many of us have a far deeper fear than failing perhaps what scars us the most is the prospect of succeeding. 


A Rumbling Within

 I’m writing this note on the flight back from San Francisco to Atlanta.  If our itinerary remains in schedule we‘ll be staying with Steve & Melanie McVey until Monday and then take the night flight home to London.   However, like all Europe bound air passengers we’ll be watching the news to see if the volcanic dust that has made Europe a no-fly zone has moved sufficiently to enable us to fly.  


Christ in you the Hope of Glory

Here's a simple way of thinking about what it means to be fully human -- He's the Rock and we're a stick of rock. No matter where you bite into us -- Christ is at the centre.  


Nicodemus: The Best A Man Can Get

So I'm just doing some prep for this week's You Tube video for the Jesus that John Knew series and I was reflecting on the story of Nicodemus.  I could help but smile as I thought of him cast as he was in the role of the Teacher of Israel.  Here's our guy the best-of-the best. 
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Discover who you really are?

The strap-line of The Grace Project - "Discover who you Really are" - suggests, we take the view that many, if not, most believers not only have yet to discover this truth but worse, in the absence of this awareness, they (we) are left to live out of our "own" resources with the inevitable consequences of burnout and disillusionment.


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We cannot ignore the fact that there are a growing number of peo‑ ple who used to profess a faith and call themselves Christians but no longer do so. 


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