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The Grace Project

Welcome to The Grace Project

Agape Rejoices In The Truth

iStock_000009326024Small.jpgDefinition of “Rejoice” Exults, rejoices, triumphs, expresses great joy, glories in, is jubilant, feels happiness or joy, walks on air, on cloud nine, jumps for joy, ecstatic, wallows.


Love Bears All Things

 iStock_000009326024Small_3_.jpgSurely it would be remarkable to boast that agapē bears all things if we mean that agapē “endures” all things or to put it in a more contemporary language, “agapē puts up with all our nonsense.”

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Discover who you really are?

The strap-line of The Grace Project - "Discover who you Really are" - suggests, we take the view that many, if not, most believers not only have yet to discover this truth but worse, in the absence of this awareness, they (we) are left to live out of our "own" resources with the inevitable consequences of burnout and disillusionment.


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Made to be free - Filmed in Canada, this six-hour teaching seminar...
When the idea for this book was first conceived, it was born out of a simple desire to help reframe the “Good News”...
Are you "living by the rules, " or are you letting God's grace rule you?
We cannot ignore the fact that there are a growing number of peo‑ ple who used to profess a faith and call themselves Christians but no longer do so. 


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