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The Grace Project

Religion is out of order...!

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It's a simple point but an important one - religion is out of order!   Sub-consciously many believers assume that 'testament' and 'covenant' are interchangeable words, they are not.  
The danger is that we end up thinking that the Old Testament and the Old Covenant is the same thing and the New Testament and the New Covenant is the same thing - they are not.  
Rather than being interchangeable they speak to us for very different things indeed:  The Testaments relate to the books in the scripture (old and new so called.)   The Old Testament begins in Genesis and ends with the book of Malachi.  
A covenant is an agreement between two parties (critically there is no hint here of joint obligations, it refers to an obligation undertaking by one person, in this case that one Person is God and we are the beneficiaries.) 
Whilst the Old Testament begins in Genesis, The Old covenant begins in Exodus (with the giving of the Law) and ends at the Cross (or Pentecost if you prefer) the abrogation (abolishing) of the Law on the Cross.
This is of huge significance because Jesus lived (by grace) under the Law in order to fulfill the Law. You and I live under grace (not law).  Jesus is described in the Psalms as being a Priest in the order of Melchizedek.   The image below shows you the "order" of things - anything else is "OUT OF ORDER."  
Home Resources Religion is out of order...!