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The Grace Project

Just As He Is...

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Just on my way to our meeting where I will be teaching the final session in the Pathway series. I have really enjoyed sharing this very real-time series this year. My final talk is called "just as He is" taken from 1 John 4:17. I wrote a note this morning for the talk that might just help somebody today:

Early along on the journey people often hit something of a brick wall. It is a problem that really disturbs them. They discover that the good that they want to do they cannot do. (sound familiar) and if not properly introduced into this life of ours, which is not ours, they are prone to become discouraged as they feel that they ought to love more or have more patience of be kinder and so forth. 
This is because the metric that they rely upon is the religious measurement of relative good and evil. However, and this is a big ‘however’ - all relative good is extrinsic, it is outer, it is not inherent, extraneous, not belonging to the Person who is attempting to exercise it. It is the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. The false vine, not the True Vine. Its produce is fruit unto death (Romans 7:5) It is the stuff of shadows, not the very substance itself.
Such a life of relative good is merely an imitation not participation in the intrinsic, native , indwelling life of the One who is Love.
And this is so far of the mark, the true aim of the Christian life which we have before us in this most staggering of statements found here in our key passage: As he is so also are we in this world. 
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