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The Jesus That John Knew

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Any family lawyer or judge in the family division of the courts will tell you that the question of who gets custody of the children is the most difficult and painful decision that has to be made.   Property can be divided but children, well that’s different. 

It seems to me that all those years ago when the church split (this is not an article about church history just in case you were starting to worry) that the ‘children’ in question John and Paul (the apostolic brothers) rather than being kept together were separated.  Paul went to stay with his Protestant father whilst John, was raised by his Roman Catholic mother church.   Such was the acrimonious nature of their divorce that it seemed that  ‘never the twain shall meet’.


However, far from being two different to exist alongside each other, the children were spiritual twins and more than that they are inseparable. One simply cannot be understood without the other.    

Perhaps a combination of my Jesuit education and being raided by Catholic nuns  meant that it was inevitable that one day I’d come back to find my ‘lost’ brother the gospel of John.   Having spent the best part of 25 years studying the writings of the Apostle Paul seeking to discover who I am, it was to the Gospel of John that the Lord directed me to in order to discover who He (God) is.  

I never cease to be amused by the irony of God.  As a person who is ethnically mixed-race I have been given an interesting perspective on life.  As a person with a mixed Christian heritage, I converted from Catholicism to Protestantism when I was 28 years old I have developed a similar sense of appreciation for things eclectic.   My observation is that most grace teaching is Paul-centric.  He after all is the Apostle of the New Covenant.  I myself am on record as saying the Bible can only be understood through the lens of Paul.   I still hold to that in part but as you will see my view of the Bible been wrenched from its “Here I stand I can do no other” moorings as a result of a prayerful, meditative season in the company of John.   

Let me put it this way, if I have all knowledge but have not love, I am but a noisy gong, a clanging symbol.  Paul, the apostle of freedom gave me knowledge, he taught me how to live free from the law but John, ah John, the apostle of love, he taught me how to love, even those who are under the law.

Paul taught me how to see the truth from the lie.  John taught me how to see.  Paul taught me what to believe.  John taught me how to see.  Together they are the word & the spirit. Apart we are deeply impoverished and unbalanced.

This year I began a new teaching series which is being posted weekly on You Tube enJohn states entitled "The Jesus That John Knew" .   Why don't you join me on our You Tube Channel Grace Project TV and then take part in our discussion forums on the Grace Project Facebook community.

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