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The Grace Project

Freedom from religion

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The Law does not give the Christian power over sin. It gives sin power over the Christian [1 Cor. 15:56].  You will remain in bondage as long as you do not know that you have been delivered from the reign of the former self, the Law, the world and the enemy.  

The Law has to do with sin and death, not righteousness, faith and life.   The Law can have nothing to do with grace, faith or life.  In fact Christ is the end of the Law.

The Christian who is walking after the flesh is walking under the Law and is therefore, doomed to failure.
The Christian receives a new nature, viz. that of the risen life of the Lord Jesus Christ.  The purpose of the Law is to
reveal sin and convict the unrighteous and the self-righteous alike. Convicting the former for not acknowledging God
whilst convicting the latter for trying to get God to acknowledge him and credit him for his self-effort.
The Law has nothing to say to the Christian [Rom. 6:14].  Forgiveness is what Jesus did for the sins of the world.
Salvation is what He is doing to you.  Being in Christ Jesus, the believer no longer has need for the Law as a
governing principle. The believer lives beyond the realm of the Law, effortlessly and naturally.
Home Resources Freedom from religion